Sunday, 1 April 2012

The White Crowns

The white crowns a..k.a tented market place of Swindon town center! These tents reminded me of the famed thatched hut hotels -  'Dhabas' / Village Hotels that dot most of indian highways. Well, this one  captured my imagination and i first did it in my moleskine long notepad in pen and watercolor [ below]. I tried another view of the same place on a brwon pastel paper using white sketching soft pencil and added the dark shades using my Faber Castell [ 6 shades]of gray pens - my another collection in my tool kit !


  1. nice watercolors --but I really like the pastel on brown paper version a lot !

  2. Thanks Meera. Brown paper thing was an experiment..glad it gave a good result and hoping to do more along those lines.


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