Sunday, 1 April 2012

The other side of beauty..

This is a view near Swindon library in town center. I actually wanted to capture the side view of thelarge library building, but when i crossed to the other end of the building, wow!..this view inspired me most, and yes this is the other side of beauty. Well, i discovered a dance school attached to the library building which i could not notice till now. Blame it on my shelf-sightedness on books :) And as a tribute to my ignoring this nice place so far, i wanted to do this side of the building which houses Swindon dance center. The red door with its energy and the swirly, squiggly styled bars emerging from the floor at the entrance captured the spirit of dance! So, here is my tango with the two - my pen and watercolor in my fav. moleskine book!

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