Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Grasmere...the sleepy little 'poetic' town

A scenic, sleepy little poetic town in Lake District. The place can easily mesmerise one with its beautiful houses mostly built using dark grey & purple slate rock sourced locally. This place is also blessed with poetic music of William Wordsworth, who wandered lonely as a cloud, and rested in peace here. He is one of my fav poets - the first taste of his poem i got is when my dad introduced me to that 'Wren & Martin' Grammar book when i was a kid! [Oh, no...that big book which always showed my blunders].

We went to this place as a visit to Scotland and my notes & sketches were used to develop this painting. This is done using a pen, ink and watercolour. I like the way this particular street captured my imagination. This is on the way to Wishing Well and grave of Wordsworth.

I'd love to go to Grasmere, anytime. Always!

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